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Welcome Missionaries!

This page will provide you with the tools you need to promote CoffeeForThrivingChurches.com to your supporters!


Church Support Cards:
CoffeeForThrivingChurches.com will supply you with business cards to pass out at each church. The card promotes this opportunity as well as providing a space to enter your name. To request these cards, use the contact us form and tell us how many cards you need and where to send them.




Fundraiser Support Cards:
We will also supply business cards to pass out to participants of our Fundraisers. The card provides space to write in the user's specific fundraiser code. To request these cards you must first be approved to have a fundraiser. Then use the contact us form to tell us how many cards you need, where to send them, and which fundraiser you are involved with.




Download Quick Guide:
The Quick Guide found in the box.com section below is a useful document to help explain different features of the site and address common concerns. The guide will be updated as needed. Last update: 4/3/17

Download Video:
Some churches do not have the ability to stream videos from the internet in their services. If one of your churches needs an offline copy of the video, they can do so by downloading one of the files below. If you want to share the video via social media, please copy and paste this link:

How do I use your Single Serve cups in machines that restrict use to brand name cups?

Certain brand name brewing machines only allow their own branded products to used in their machines. Our cups will work in these machines with a little extra effort as shown in this YouTube video.

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